Списък с желания на Amazon

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Списък с желания на Amazon

Непрочетена публикация by Джоан » Чт ян 09, 2020 2: 35 pm

I was recently asked by someone if I had an Amazon wishlist as they would like to check it out and maybe get me something. I didn't have one, and I have never even though about having one, but it got me thinking.

I was unsure whether or not I should create one as one side of me considers it a bit rude and almost like begging. The other side thinks, what the hell if someone wants to send me a gift then why not let them, after all, some people just enjoy sending other gifts.

So after lots of thought, I decided to create one and to see how it goes. One thing that surprised me is how difficult it is to actually choose what goes onto a wishlist and I have been toying with the whole wishlist idea since the beginning of December last year, slowly adding things. Some expensive (well you never know do you) and other cheaper options.

What are your thoughts on them? Are they a good idea or a bad one?

Here is a link to my Amazon Wishlist for your entertainment, you can check it out and chuckle as I suppose it is a little insight into my psyche.

Joanne's Amazon Wishlist

Аз съм просто изящна омъжена майка на двама, която с удоволствие играе със секс играчки и разказва в интернет всичко за това. ;)